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Facebook's Content Oversight Board can overrule Zuckerberg

The independent account termination board at Facebook could overrule even Mark Zuckerberg.

The charter for Facebooks newest addition, and independent board that review take-down decisions have been released, and offers some interesting information on the company.

Washington Post was amongst the first to report on the information and has outlined the framework.

In short, users will be able to appeal decisions on content, whether they are taken down or not, directly to an independently operating board. All decisions are binding, and their decision overrules everyone else at Facebook, including founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Board members are chosen "outside normal channels", and will include a recommendation portal where anyone with an internet connection can make suggestions. There will be a separate trust to ensure the daily operations, and the number of members will be between 11 and 40, each one serving for three years at a time, at a maximum of three terms.

The case system will include at least one person from the region from where the case stems, and Facebook is required to supply additional information if deemed necessary. While a small committee works on single cases, the entire board will review drafts of decisions, and a majority can object to the conclusion.

All decisions will be stored in a database, effectively making this a Facebook Court.

The board will start recruiting members this year, while the first rulings won't take place until mid-2020.

Facebook's Content Oversight Board can overrule Zuckerberg

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