Facebook has overhauled its Oculus Avatars system

The amount of new cosmetics will allow for up to "a quintillion combinations".

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Facebook has overhauled its Oculus Avatars system to be "more expressive, more customizable, more diverse, and in more places." Available on Oculus systems and in a handful of games, this system is set to bring over "a quintillion combinations" worth of cosmetics, and will become more readily available to developers later this year.

The system is currently only on Oculus systems, but the announcement post did mention that "over time you'll be able to take your same avatar style to other Facebook company technologies", meaning we might even see Avatars become part of Facebook down the line. The first on the list is the game Facebook Horizon, however.

The new Avatars system features a revamped face category to allow for better personalisation, as well as new body types, hairstyles, clothing, makeup options, and more. Then to build a little further on that, the new Avatars also have better movements, thanks to a "machine-learning based motion prediction technology that powers this next generation of avatars." This will hopefully ensure that Avatars are more nimble and emotive, and is the next step in Facebook creating a better social presence in virtual reality.

While this system is currently available for Oculus systems, the post did state to keep an eye out for further updates "later this year."

Facebook has overhauled its Oculus Avatars system

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