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The Order: 1886

Facebook buys the developer of The Order: 1886

Ready at Dawn has joined the Oculus Studios family.

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Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are the best-known platform holders around today, but there are several other giant companies that are increasing their presence within the sphere of video games. Google has already launched Stadia, Amazon is bulking up its portfolio of studios, and Apple has Apple TV and is generally showing more interest in games with efforts such as Apple Arcade on iOS.

But there are more examples, and one of them is Facebook. They already have Oculus and the company seems to be preparing for life as a major player in the video game space. Late yesterday, we got proof of this ambition as Ready at Dawn, the studio behind The Order: 1886, revealed on Twitter that they are now a part of the Facebook-owned Oculus Studios.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Oculus Studios writes that the "entire Ready At Dawn team will be joining the Oculus Studios team".

Since Ready at Dawn has done a lot of work for Oculus on the likes of Echo Arena and the upcoming Lone Echo II, this move makes a whole lot of sense, but it also means we shouldn't expect any Ready at Dawn games to land on console in the foreseeable future.

The Order: 1886

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