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Fable's Development has not Been Rebooted

A journalist has stepped in to debunk the rumour.

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After a rumour began to float around the internet that development on Playground Games' upcoming Fable title had been rebooted, with the team now working on Unreal Engine, it seemed that we may never hear more about the first-party Xbox title.

However, now those rumours have been debunked, with head of Christopher Ding tweeting that development has not restarted. Even though this may cause a sigh of relief from those awaiting the RPG, it doesn't mean development is going incredibly well.

There are reasons why people would believe a rumour stating development has been rebooted and the team aren't happy with Fable. Mostly, it boils down to the fact that we have heard practically nothing since the game was revealed. Hopefully, this year can change that and bring an end to the discussions around Fable's development hell.


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