Fable presentation ran on an Xbox Series X

Xbox lived up to its promise of no CGI trailers.

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The first game shown during the Xbox Games Showcase was Fable, which made it very clear all the British charm is intact in a beautiful trailer. One thing we didn't get to see though was gameplay.

While the trailer was supposedly in-engine, we didn't even get to know if it was a high-end PC or an Xbox it ran on, or if it was the actual game we got to see. But now Lukas Koelz, lead lighting artist at Playground Games, has shared some light on this by revealing that it is actually Fable and it did indeed run on an Xbox Series X.

This hopefully means we can look forward to quite the stunner (which was sort of expected as it's the makers of Forza Horizon who develops the adventure) when Fable is eventually released.


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