Fable II

Fable and Splinter Cell games get Xbox One X enhanced

Ninja Gaiden 2 is also on the list of Xbox 360 titles, all of which will get a resolution bump when you play them on the Xbox One X.

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The Inside Xbox show last night was dominated by the confirmation of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, but for those who like backwards compatibility there was also some exciting news, as Microsoft revealed a fair few games that were being enhanced for the Xbox One X.

These games are Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable II, Fable III, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Splinter Cell: Double Agent, all of which are available in their enhanced forms right now, with higher resolution and nine times the original pixel count. This also brings the list of Xbox One X enhanced backwards compatible games up to 62.

These three Splinter Cell games are particularly interesting, as Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has recently reassured fans of the series, saying that "at some point, you will see something".

What game will you try out first?

Fable II

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