Fable and South of Midnight are coming in 2025 and are not coming to PS5

Apparently, it's still a case-by-case decision whether Xbox titles land on competing platforms.

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Microsoft has already launched a number of titles on PlayStation, with more rumoured to be on the way through an internal initiative called "Latitude". But which ones? Well, it still seems to be a case of judgement on the individual title, and there are some big upcoming games that are definitely not coming to Sony's platform.

The Verge has published a great report about Microsoft's plans, confirming that we'll get to see both Fable and South of Midnight on Sunday night via the Xbox Games Showcase. Not only that, The Verge also claims that both titles are aiming for a 2025 launch.

But that's not all, because they also say that neither of these two titles are even being considered for PlayStation 5, that it's not even on the table. The same goes for Gears 6, which is set to remain exclusive to Xbox (and PC).

We expect all this to be confirmed on Sunday.


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