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F1 Online: The Game

F1 Online: The Game

Closed beta and new screens.

Codemasters today revealed fresh screens and new details regarding their free-to-play online racing and management game, F1 Online: The Game.

Set within the Formula One World Championship, gamers will be able to race from a top-down perspective, and then manage the team from the stands, implementing research and upgrading vehicles along the way.

The game is about to enter into closed beta. You can register your interest here.

F1 Online: The Game

Codemasters has promised a whole raft of customisation options for team bosses and drivers to tinker with in the game. The options include: "Deciding their team name, creating a team emblem, choosing a livery for the car and picking the colour and design for the driver's helmet."

On top of this, players will be able to; "display badges of achievement earned in-game on their racing car. In the role of team boss, gamers can also research and produce a range of car components, including upgrading the gearbox, brakes, KERS, rear wing and engine, to improve their performance on race day."

There will be online multiplayer races across several different game modes, as well as challenges and time trials.

F1 Online: The Game


F1 Online: The GameF1 Online: The GameF1 Online: The GameF1 Online: The Game

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