F1 2016

F1 2016 will speed onto PC and consoles on August 19

Gameplay shows racing in Baku.

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Codemasters has confirmed through their official blog that August 19 is the date that fans can expect to get behind the wheel of F1 2016.

Alongside the announcement came a pair of gameplay trailers that had Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo and Renault Sports' Jolyon Palmer take to the virtual track and race around the game's new Baku street circuit in Azerbaijan.

The F1 2016 Limited Edition version was announced as available for pre-order as well, giving players a "'Career Booster' DLC Pack, which will give players a head start in pursuing their F1 career. It also gives the player a 'Research and Development boost' that applies a percentage increase to all research and development credits earned by the player in each session in the new career mode. Not just this, but exclusive Career Helmet and Laptop designs are also included within the edition too."

The team also reminded fans about the game's career mode, which apparently will be the "most in-depth" in the series.

F1 2016F1 2016F1 2016
Yep, on the left that's a safety car.

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