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Ezra Miller is playing The Flash again

Some new scenes and reshoots were needed for the upcoming 2023 movie The Flash.

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The reporting about The Flash has been a sad state of affairs during the last couple of months. They have been less about the actual movie and the fact the Michael Keaton (and possibly Ben Affleck) returns as Batman, and more about Ezra Miller and his scandals.

The problems were so big that Warner reportedly considering cancelling it altogether. Fortunately, Miller finally realised what he was doing, agreed to mental health treatment and publicly apologised. And it seems like things are now moving in the right direction again for both Miller and The Flash.

As reported by The Wrap, Miller has once again donned The Flash's suit to both record new scenes and a couple of reshoots for the movie. Hopefully this means that the director Andy Muschietti (It, and It Chapter Two) will be able to deliver his vision for The Flash when it premieres on June 23, 2023.

Ezra Miller is playing The Flash again

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