The Crew Motorfest

Experience the racing sensation of The Crew Motorfest in your own skin thanks to OWO

The collaboration between Ubisoft's title and the haptic jacket will be available before the end of the year.

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The OWO Haptic T-shirt, which has already collaborated with Ubisoft in the past to launch a special edition with Assassin's Creed Mirage, now adapts to the driving and thrill of racing with The Crew Motorfest.


Both companies have announced the OWO Haptic Gaming System x The Crew Motorfest Edition. With the arrival of the game's second season, the beta version of OWO's haptic sensations will be implemented, to be polished over the following seasons, and will allow players to "feel every turn, acceleration and impact, putting them directly in the driver's seat."

"We at Ubisoft Ivory Tower are thrilled to work with OWO and offer players an enhanced gaming experience at The Crew Motorfest," celebrated Paul Narducci, Gameplay Director at Ubisoft. "The integration of OWO's haptic system adds a new dimension to the title, enhancing the sensations during races and captivating players with a level of realism that really makes this special edition stand out. We can't wait for gamers to immerse themselves in thrilling motor racing with the magic of OWO.

This exclusive edition will include a stunning new OWO Skin representing the striking and original designs of The Crew Motorfest, and will be compatible with PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5.

The Crew MotorfestThe Crew Motorfest

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