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Experience Halo in real life with Halo Outpost: Discovery

Ever wanted to experience the world of Halo in person with other fans of the series? Halo Outpost: Discovery brings you into the game.

The teams over at Microsoft and 343 Industries just recently announced that they'll be bringing the popular Halo series into the real world for fans to experience. Halo Outpost: Discovery is an event hosting community meetups where fans can play some Halo together in one of over 200 game stations, buy event-exclusive gear, battle it out on the laser tag arena or in competitive VR, and even check out the event's interactive Halo museum.

The event, which is a traveling one, will be held in Orlando (July 5 - 7), Philadelphia (July 19 - 21), Chicago (August 2 - 4), Houston (August 16-18), and Anaheim (August 30 - September 1), and tickets are available for purchase right here, right now.

You can check out the trailer for the event below. Is real-life Halo your dream?

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