Expeditions: Viking

Expeditions: Viking has been dated

Logic Artists announced the Expeditions: Conquistador sequel is coming in April.

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Denmark-based studio Logic Artist has announced a sequel to its debut title, Expeditions: Conquistador, called Expeditions: Viking. This RPG with turn based combat, as you can guess, is set at the time of the Vikings, where you'll take control of some heroes from a Norse village.

The population has to deal with some evil neighbours, and the village will have to send their soldiers to explore the British isles where they will seek power and wealth. The players will be able to reach the objectives by using diplomacy and establishing new trade routes, or they will be able to rule with the iron fist and become a tyrant. The game will feature an impressive number of dialogue options, that will bring the word count to 280,000 as well, and the characters you'll meet during our journey will have different reactions and answer in different ways, based on your dialogue choices.

Expeditions: Viking has been in beta stage for several months, and the developers have used the data collected from the players to balance the game and make a better combat experience. The game is now almost ready to be released, and it will be available on Steam, Gamersgate, Humble Store, GOG.com, and several stores worldwide on April 27.

Does the Viking period lend itself well to strategy games?

Expeditions: Viking

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