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Expect something "the world hasn't seen before" from Rare's Everwild

Everwild Lead Designer: "It's something the world doesn't have."

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Despite being announced back in 2019, we still have no clue what Rare's upcoming Everwild is all about. It is often believed that it might have some Pokémon influences combined with online elements, but the only thing we know for sure is that it looks stunning (check out the latest trailer above).

Now the Lead Designer of the game, James Blackham, has made some comments about Everwild on LinkedIn for potential co-workers, and he says "something unique is brewing at Rare", while also adding that "it's something the world doesn't have and hasn't seen before".

Hopefully we'll get some signs of life from Everwild around the all-digital E3 this year, but at least it sounds like we should expect something quite out of the ordinary.


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