Tell Me Why

Expect shorter gaps between the Tell Me Why episodes

The game's director has been explaining why Dontnod is shortening the gap between releases.

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Here at Gamereactor, we've enjoyed Dontnod's adventures (both Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 were excellent) just as much as everyone else. That said, the studio sure took its time getting them finished, and there was often a long wait between each episode. Fortunately, the developer has learned its lesson.

Over at the official homepage for the studio's new game, Tell Me Why, game director Florent Guillaume answered several questions about the game, and among other things confirms once again that it will be three episodes. He also adds there will be a shorter time between each of them as the team "could hear how important it is for fans to be able to enjoy our games without having to wait for long periods of time in between each episode". Guillaume explains the new approach:

"As fans of episodic TV shows, we understand that having to wait for that next episode can be an exciting thing but also very frustrating. We're hoping to find the right balance for players: giving them enough time to share their experiences with Tell Me Why with their friends and the community, while also ensuring that that wait does not become frustrating. We definitely want the community to have enough time to discuss, speculate, and build on their experiences - in just enough time to enjoy the wait between episodes! Because of this, we hope fans' adventures will be greatly improved with a short wait in between each part of Tell Me Why's story."

Tell Me Why launches sometime during this autumn for PC and the Xbox consoles. If Dontnod's previous adventures are anything to go by, we recommend you keep an eye on this one.

Tell Me Why

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