Alan Wake 2

Expect Remedy to show up at Summer Game Fest

The director and writer of Alan Wake 2, Sam Lake, definitely seems to imply as much, but we don't know what we'll get to see in the end...

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Since the E3 expo has been cancelled, probably for good, it's Summer Game Fest that comes closest as some kind of replacement. This year's edition kicks off on the 7th of June, when 55 companies+ are ready to show off what they have to bring to our favourite hobby.

One of those companies was seemingly not Remedy, the developer that spoiled us last fall with the masterpiece Alan Wake 2. Or at least that's what we thought after the producer and host of the event, Geoff Keighley, posted a picture on X with all the companies where Remedy was missing. But he did write that there is "more to be announced".

And over the weekend, Alan Wake 2 creator Sam Lake suddenly quoted one of Keighley's posts complete with a cryptic emoji - so we can safely assume that the Finnish powerhouse will be at Summer Game Fest.

A reasonable guess is that we'll see more of the upcoming DLC for Alan Wake 2, but there's also a chance that we might see something else they have in the pipeline, including the remakes of the first two Max Payne adventures.

Alan Wake 2

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