Expect more next-gen storage solutions for Xbox Series X

Seagate's official Storage Expansion Cards may not be the only alternative down the line.

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As you might know, next generation seems to be quite storage strained already from the start, as PlayStation 5 is rumoured to offer 664 gigabytes of usable hard drive space, with Xbox Series X having 802 gigabytes available.

This is actually considerably less than what you would get from the standard 1 terabyte versions of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X - even though games are expected to be even bigger in file size next generation. Microsoft's solution to this is an expansion slot for Storage Expansion Cards, with 1 terabyte extra storage, which is convenient and very easy to use, but as we previously have reported - those are expensive (£219.99 / €239.99) as it is basically a lightning fast SSD in a tiny format card.

The expansion cards are being made by Seagate, but it seems like it might be a competition in this space that might press prices down as well as offer bigger storage options than 1 terabyte. This was revealed by the Senior Software Engineer Jason Ronald in Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb's podcast, where he said:

"I think, over time, you'll see this is a category that's really critical to us. You'll see multiple options and different form factors and different sizes."

"But what was really important for us is that we had a simple, easy-to-use option available day one. You can expect to see more options moving forward."

Basically, if you are not in dire need of more storage for Xbox Series S and X when they launch on November 10, it might be a good idea to wait for a little while, when there will likely be more options to choose from.

Expect more next-gen storage solutions for Xbox Series X

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