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Forza Motorsport

Expect a double dose of Forza Motorsport this week

Besides being at tomorrow's Developer Direct, Forza Motorsport is also confirmed for Forza Monthly on January 26.

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Tomorrow (January 25 at 21:00) it's finally time to get a better look at Forza Motorsport during the Developer_Direct showcase from Bethesda and Microsoft, the first new game in the Motorsport series since 2017. It's widely expected to be something of a reboot for the entire franchise and since Turn 10 have been working on it for six years, it's probably reasonable to have high expectations.

But clearly, not everything the developer would like us to see will be show during the mini-event, as we will also get to see more during the Forza Monthly stream on January 26 (at 18:00). We assume this will be a more in-depth look and it's probably a good idea to check it out if you yearn good looking racing to enjoy.

Forza Motorsport

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