Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon, now available on Nintendo Switch and PC

Announced during Nintendo's Indie World, it's a console-exclusive to the Switch, but it also releases on Steam.

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Last night's Indie World online presentation offered 17 intense minutes full of indie announcements. The last one, the icing on the cake, was none other than Exit the Gungeon, the logically-named sequel to the acclaimed action game Enter the Gungeon. Developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital, it's just about to roll out on the Nintendo eShop and Steam.

The game was originally announced for Apple Arcade in December, with no other platforms in sight. It was introduced more like a spin-off than a follow-up and defined as a "bullet hell dungeon climber" full of changing rooms, bosses and weapons. The 2.0 version releasing today is temporarily exclusive to the Switch in terms of consoles, so a release on PS4 and Xbox One is not off the cards.

What's more, the "console exclusive" announcement, together with the launch trailer below, also confirms that the game is now available on PC via Steam, too.

Exit the Gungeon

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