Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is landing on Apple Arcade soon

The Enter the Gungeon spinoff is coming from Dodge Roll, Singlecore Games, and Devolver Digital.

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Dodge Roll has already introduced us to the Gungeon with Enter the Gungeon, but now Devolver Digital has revealed a spinoff called Exit the Gungeon, coming to Apple Arcade soon.

This follows Gungeoneers in a "bullet hell dungeon climber" set after the events of the first game. Your gun is always changing, and you'll need to shoot, dodge roll, and ascend to escape, a mix that should certainly prove chaotic, especially with changing rooms, enemies, bosses, and more to contend with.

Devolver is keen to point out the hats as well, and you can get a taste of the game via the explosive trailer below.

Are you ready to head back to the Gungeon?

Exit the Gungeon
Exit the GungeonExit the Gungeon

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