Cell: emergence

Ex-Deus Ex writer's new game

Working on intriguing Indie shooter.

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Sheldon Pacotti, lead writer on the first two Deus Ex titles, and his Indie development studio New Life Interactive, will be releasing their first title this summer.

Entitled Cell: emergence, the game primarily works as a voxel-based arcade shooter (think a Jeff Minter offshoot), which operates like a low-fi Child of Eden as you pilot a nanobot through the infected body of a sick girl in order to destroy the virus.

A trailer featuring gameplay footage has been released onto youtube.

The hook of the game is that each voxel is dynamic, with each cube "a cell in a cellular automata simulation, creating a gameworld in which every speck of color has state and is interactive," according to Sheldon.

The game will launch on PC and Xbox Live's Indie Games soon. Meanwhile we'll bring you more on the game as we get it.

Cell: emergence

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