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Secret Title - Dynamic Voltage Games

Exclusive Xbox Series X titles to be revealed next week

Microsoft is focusing more on exclusive titles this generation with some interesting games coming to the Xbox Series X.

We already have some clues of what we will be playing on the Xbox Series X when it launches later this year. Rare is making Everwild, Ninja Theory is working on the horror game Project: Mara as well as Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Microsoft Flight Simulator is headed for the platform and so, of course, is Halo Infinite.

Shortly, we can add yet another game to that list, as Dynamic Voltage Games now have revealed via Twitter. According to the tweet, we can look forward to an announcement coming our way next week regarding a game that will run in 4K and 120 fps - something that has led to an unforeseen problem on their part:

"Later this coming week I will be debuting gameplay for my first XBSX exclusive - which will be native 4K and 120fps. That's the good news. The bad news is I can't even capture 4k/120."

As Dynamic Voltage Games is an indie developer, we're likely talking about a smaller title here, but knowing what we can look forward to in the next console generation is of course always exciting regardless. We will update you all as we learn more.

Secret Title - Dynamic Voltage Games

*** Added this to the database, will replace with real title next week ***

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