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Exclusive: Nintendo's Flip-Switch will have a foldable screen

We've got the latest intel on Nintendo's new portable Switch, and a new partnership with Samsung has resulted in an innovative new screen.

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Update: We hope you enjoyed our silly little joke. We'll be back with another this time next year. Or will we?!

Original: We hesitated about bringing you this little scoop today given the date, but we didn't want to get beaten to the punch, and so we decided to share the latest info we've discovered about the new console from Nintendo.

Unnamed sources close to the project, sources who provided the marketing image attached below, have confirmed to Gamereactor that Nintendo's next major hardware release is called the Flip-Switch and, thanks to a partnership with Samsung, it features a clamshell design and foldable screen similar to the one seen previously in the Galaxy Z Flip.

Designed to replace the Switch Lite - which means it won't be playable via a dock and is, therefore, handheld-only - the Flip-Switch will be different in a number of subtle but important ways. The most obvious change (foldable screen aside) is the removal of the analog sticks from the newly designed Joy-Cons in favour of two small trackpads similar in design to the ones we've seen previously on the Steam Controller.

It's not yet clear when the Flip-Switch will be officially announced, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear more.

What do you think of Nintendo's fooldable screen?

Exclusive: Nintendo's Flip-Switch will have a foldable screen

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