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Final Fantasy XV

Exclusive: new Final Fantasy album Final Symphony full tracklisting

Additional encore pieces for Final Symphony release, covering FFVI, FFVII and FFX.

The recently-announced Final Symphony album, a 94 minute new recording by the London Symphony Orchestra, and based on the concert series tour, has gotten its full track-listing, which we can exclusively reveal here on Gamereactor.

Recorded in London's Abbey Road Studios and supervised by Nobuo Uematsu, the recording sees tour conductor Eckehard Stier and solo pianist Katharina Treutler return from the original tour and perform pieces from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The album release includes both pieces performed while on the road and new encores written and performed especially for this recording, with all tracks arranged by Masashi Hamauzu, Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Symphony Track Listing

1. Fantasy Overture (Circle within a Circle within a Circle) [04:08]

2. Final Fantasy VI (Symphonic Poem: Born with the Gift of Magic)[18:07] (Terra's Theme | Kefka | Esper World | Battle etc.)

3. Final Fantasy X (Piano Concerto) [19:14] (Besaid | Hum of the Fayth | Thunder Plains | Assault etc.)

I. Zanarkand
II. Inori
III. Kessen

4. Encore: Final Fantasy X (Suteki Da Ne) [03:43]

5. Final Fantasy VII (Symphony in Three Movements) [41:26]
(Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII | J-E-N-O-V-A | Tifa‘s Theme | The Great Warrior etc.)

I. Nibelheim Incident
II. Words Drowned by Fireworks
III. The Planet's Crisis

6. Encore: Final Fantasy VII (Continue?) [04:35]
(Continue | Anxiety | The Prelude)

7. Encore: Final Fantasy Series (Fight, Fight, Fight!) [03:17]
(Final Fantasy VI - The Fierce Battle | Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight | Still More Fighting | Final Fantasy X - Otherworld)

The album will release globally on February 23rd and be available digitally. For more information on the release and upcoming concerts, head to the official website.

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