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Affordable Space Adventures

Exclusive gameplay from Affordable Space Adventures

Check out levels 13, 14, and 15 and learn how to play this unique experience.

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Affordable Space Adventures launches this Thursday, April 9 on the Nintendo eShop, offering a rather special and beautiful experience for Wii U owners (read up on the review here).

Indeed, it's one of the few games that makes really interesting use of the GamePad controller, taking advantage of both it's touch screen and different controls. Thus, it's easier to see how it works with our exclusive double-screen gameplay videos.

In the following trio of clips, we play some halfway levels of the game to show how its unique GamePad controls and mechanics are used to progress with the Small Craft through the different physics-based puzzles.

Level 13
In this case, we need some underwater gravity, tilt and mass combination in order to avoid a huge torpedo-launching ship.


Level 14
In this case, we need to make the most of the inertia provided by no-deceleration while keeping engines off, or to make use of fuel engine's great thrust.


Level 15
In this case, we need to quickly-switch on and off the two different engines to remain unnoticed.

Affordable Space Adventures

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