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Exclusive: Celebrate the summer with GAME ON

Don't miss out this summer, join us here on Gamereactor for exclusive news, previews, and interviews.

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Unless you've been living under a rock then you'll be all too aware of the extent of the disruption caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We've seen countless events cancelled and rescheduled, and none of them are as big as E3, the annual June event that has now been cancelled altogether until 2021.

With so many industry plans up in the air, here at Gamereactor, we've been discussing ways in which we can try and replace some of the excitement that we're all going to miss in early June when E3 would have once again turned the spotlight on the latest and greatest from the world of gaming. That's why we've come up with GAME ON - a program of content filled with exclusive reveals, gameplay impressions, industry interviews, and much, much more, all designed to land at the start of the summer when everyone would normally be getting their fix of AAA news.

However, while we'll return in June with a bunch of exclusive features, interviews, and more, GAME ON will serve more than one purpose - it's also going to be Gamereactor's central hub for all major gaming news related to this most unusual of summers. If there's a big delay to an anticipated title due to coronavirus (like we've seen with The Last of Us: Part II) then you'll find out everything we know about the situation via the GAME ON sub-site. If we line up an exclusive interview with a developer working on a newly announced game, you'll find it there, too.

Simply put, GAME ON will be your go-to place for all major gaming news this summer, whether it be the latest announcements, the next big delay, and everything in between. Bookmark the page, keep checking in, and let us know what you think of our little initiative (we always love to hear your feedback).

We want to put some of the fun back into the summer, and we're not going to let the fact that we're stuck inside get in the way of enjoying our shared passion, so stick with Gamereactor and we'll do our very best to keep on bringing you the latest on all things related to gaming, gear, and entertainment.

Don't miss out this summer. GAME ON.

Exclusive: Celebrate the summer with GAME ON

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