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      Excel Esports partners with Sony as its Official Smartphone Supplier for Fortnite

      The deal will see Excel professional Wolfiez showcase the capabilities of Xperia phones.

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      The London-based esports organisation Excel Esports has partnered with Sony on as its Official Smartphone Supplier for Fortnite. The deal will see Sony and Excel's Jaden "Wolfiez" Ashman working together, as a way to show that Sony Xperia phones are capable devices for playing Fortnite and competitive games on.

      "At EXCEL ESPORTS we are always looking to work with forward-thinking partners that are innovating tech within the competitive gaming space," said Patrick Collins, Head of Partnerships, EXCEL ESPORTS. "Fortnite is a title in which we are looking to create a lasting legacy and it's great to have partners like Sony who can help us."

      The deal is also slated to include collaboration on educational content pieces and hosted giveaways so that Excel's community can also experience what an Xperia device is like.

      "A partnership with Excel is aimed at demonstrating to hardcore gaming enthusiasts why Sony is a 'no-brainer' when it comes to smartphone selection," said Matt Beavis, UK Head of PR, Social and Partnerships of Sony's mobile business. "It's about ensuring that the community realises that, as well as making pioneering gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5, Sony also puts an incredible amount of effort into ensuring that same gaming expertise and associated innovation translates to its Xperia smartphones."

      Excel Esports

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