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Excel Esports has teamed up with HSBC

The London-based esports organisation now has a financial services partner.

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The London-based esports organisation, Excel Esports has announced that it has teamed with the bank and financial services provider, HSBC. The deal will see HSBC named as Excel's financial services and financial health partner, and will see the two parties collaborating on ways to teach young people how to make the most out of their money.

Excel Esports' CEO, Tim Reichert commented on the matter by saying: "Excel and HSBC UK are committed to working together to help promote financial health amongst young people in the UK and we're excited to support our community through this new financially minded avenue to help our fans live more rewarding and experience-led lives, centred around their love of gaming and esports."

There is no mention of any financial details relating to the deal, or likewise for how long HSBC and Excel Esports will work together for.

Excel Esports has teamed up with HSBC

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