Ex-Warhammer artist raises £35,000 for new miniatures

He'd originally hoped for £2000.

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Ex-Warhammer artist John Blanche recently started a Kickstarter campaign to create some miniatures based on his artwork. For £30, you would get four grimdark femme miniatures: Jägerin, Apolonia, Osterhilt and Salomia.

Initially, Blanche had hoped for around £2000, and since then he's raised £34,864 at the time of writing, with plenty of days still left for money to be made. Plans were in place to get the minis shipped around March or April next year, but with the first goal being exceeded by so much money, it's likely this will change.

Unless Blanche can suddenly start pumping out hundreds if not thousands of these miniatures soon, it's likely there will be a long wait. Still, the demand for them is clear.

Ex-Warhammer artist raises £35,000 for new miniatures
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