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Ex Oblivione announces OWCS roster and confirms Brigitte voice actor as new co-owner

The team will compete in the European division of the competition.

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The Overwatch Champions Series seems to have been the adrenaline shot that competitive Overwatch has needed, as following the collapse and conclusion of the Overwatch League, we've seen a variety of organisations and teams returning and creating rosters to compete in the various divisions of the OWCS.

One of the latest to affirm its commitment to the scene is Ex Oblivione, who has announced its team for the upcoming season, while also affirming a slight ownership change.

Matilda Smedius has joined the team as a co-owner. While many are likely unfamiliar with the name, Overwatch players will recognise her voice as she is the individual who voices Brigitte in the game.

As for who will be competing as part of this new Ex Oblivione team, the roster is as follows:

  • Niclas "sHockWave" Jensen

  • Oleksandr "Chasetorch" Okseschenko

  • Viljami "Clowd" Pikkumäki

  • Moritz "Cookie084" Schmidt

  • Lewis "crispy" Beer

  • Christian "Khenail" Ríos

Expect to see the team in action in the European division in the coming weeks.

Overwatch 2

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