Evolve Stage 2 is bringing Evolve back

The free-to-play PC game is now in the top ten most played games on Steam.

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When the original game was first released back in 2015, the prospect of 4vs1 combat was promising and the idea of playing the monster created plenty of interest among gamers and devs alike. However, following launch, Evolve's player base dropped dramatically (recently to around just 150 players per day).

Yet it seems that the asymmetrical shooter is back with a vengeance as Evolve Stage 2 is quickly becoming one of the most played games on Steam.

The reworked title now uses a free-to-play system, which means that players aren't forced into buying rather expensive DLC to get into the action. In the last 24 hours the number of people playing Evolve has gone up 280.7%, making it the highest trending game on Steam.

Because of this boost in popularity the game has also made its way into the most played games on Steam, creeping in at number 10. Concurrent players peaked at 51,099.

This is a beta version of Stage 2, and Turtle Rock will be using all of the data they're currently gathering to prep for the official launch later this year. We have no idea if these numbers will stay as high or even get better, no doubt we'll see some more changes over the coming weeks.

Anyway, without further ado, here's Evolve Stage 2 launch trailer:


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