Evo Championship Series "moving forward" as planned

Despite the current uncertainty in the world Evo aims to still host its fighting event.

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With the current pandemic sweeping across the globe, it has become expected that all major events will be delayed or outright cancelled. We have seen some of the biggest events forced into cancelling due to coronavirus, the likes of E3, GDC and many more affected. Even some of the smaller events are taking precautions in the fight to stop this virus spreading even more.

In light of this, the Evo Team has taken to Twitter to keep fans informed on whether or not the event will be going ahead or not. Being that the event is slightly later in the year, not taking place until the last day of July, it appears this has encouraged the team to try and hold off on any cancellations for as long as possible. The tweet reads as follows:

"At this time, Evo is moving forward with its plans to hold the event July 31 - August 2, 2020, at Mandalay Bay," they write before continuing, "we are actively monitoring updates from WHO, CDC, local governments and public health agencies regarding COVID-19 and continuing to assess the situation."

For the time being it is good to see that Evo, the world's most prominent fighting game event, will still be going ahead with the Championship Series, but with all the uncertainty only time will tell if this continues to be the case. They ended by stating that all tickets will be refunded in the case of the event being cancelled.

Evo Championship Series "moving forward" as planned

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