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Evo 2020's line-up announced

And the organisers have made a couple of bold decisions that are sure to split the fighting community.

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The line-up for this summer's Evolution tournament has been announced, and there are one or two surprises this year for the annual fighting tournament, which once again is heading to Las Vegas at the very end of July.

The most notable change sees old brawler Marvel vs Capcom 2 come out of retirement for one last hurrah, however, that game's addition comes at the expense of Mortal Kombat 11, a surprising omission that means none of this year's games have been developed by western studios.

The new-look roster came to our attention via Evo-chief Joey Cuellar, who confirmed the line-up on Twitter by sharing the graphic below. Take a look and tell us if there are any games missing that you think should be included in the fighting community's showpiece summer event.

Evo 2020's line-up announced

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