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Mortal Kombat 11

Evil Dead's Ash won't be appearing in Mortal Kombat 11

Actor Bruce Campbell squashed the rumours on Twitter by delivering a fatality, so we won't see Ash as a DLC fighter.

Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead has already appeared in the world of video games via Dead by Daylight, but what about the hero - played by Bruce Campbell - landing in another game to deliver more of a smackdown?

We're talking about Mortal Kombat 11, but don't expect to see Ash in the game, as Campbell himself took to Twitter to post the following image, putting the rumours to bed:

Mortal Kombat 11

That settles it then, and as far as squashing speculation goes, showing a Mortal Kombat fight against an internet rumour seems as good an option as any. "Consider this my finishing move against a certain internet rumour," Campbell adds.

Would you have liked to see Ash in Mortal Kombat 11?

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