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The Crew

Everything you should know about The Crew: Calling All Units

New chase gameplay, higher level cap, new vehicles, and much more.

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The Crew's second expansion launches today, so it's time to learn just what we'll get to play around with.

As the expansion introduces a new gameplay element with cops versus racers Ubisoft has included a new story mode. This starts with a prologue (introduction missions) and continues with additional story missions where you're playing as a police officer called Clara Washington. She's a police driver who's been tasked to arrest a rising gang of street racers: the Harvesters. It's through these scenarios you'll learn the new gameplay mechanics.

One of these new mechanics are crates. As a street racer, players can see and pick up crates in the world. Once a crate is collected, the player will be chased by the police. By delivering crates, players will be able to win car fragments, and these fragments will allow them to unlock new vehicles.

As a cop, your main objective is to capture street racers. These chases starts instantly when a street racer picks up a crate. The chases can start seamlessly, if close enough, or through a chase alert. To complete an arrest, you'll must have the street racer in a 30 meter range for 7 seconds. If the street racer exits the range within 7 seconds, the arrest timer is reset.

As a street racer, your main objective is to pick-up crates and deliver them to a given destination on the map, or destroy a set amount of objects. Once you pick up a crate, you'll instantly be pursued by police AI as well as police players.

Both parties will have access to a wide array of special abilities:


• Speed Hack: This ability breaks the acceleration of any street racer in a range of 150 meters.

• EMP Field: The EMP Field can deactivate the brakes of any street racer in a range of 150 meters.

• Jammer: Deactivates all of the target's UI items (BreadCrumb, Radar, crew widget, 3D tags and so forth).

• EMP Shock: Makes every opponent in range lose control of their vehicle.

• Back on target: If you're too far away from your target this will reduce the distance.

Street racers

• Flashbang: Blinds the cop players and AI in range, and removes their UI elements for few seconds.

• Unlimitro: Gives unlimited nitro to the caster and his support players in range.

• Guardian: It will cleanses all the abilities sent by cops for few seconds.

• EMP Shock: Applies a single shock to the target and makes the opponent's car lose control and grip for a few seconds.

• Back on target: If a support street racer that doesn't hold the crate is too far away from the crate holder, he/she has the possibility to use the back on target ability to reduce the distance.

This chase gameplay introduces a bounty system. The Bounty value reflects the individual skill of a player as a cop, or as a street racer. Bounty value is also used to determine the reward at the end of a chase. If you win a chase, you'll receives Bucks corresponding to the bounty of the defeated player, and increases your own personal bounty.

Then there's the new vehicles:

• Nissan GT-R (FS / Perf / Police Perf)

• Jeep Wrangler (Full Stock / Street / Dirt / Raid / Police Dirt)

• Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé (Police Street)

• Lamborghini Aventador (Police Perf)

• Ford F-150 (Police Raid)

• Lamborghini Gallardo (Police Circuit)

• Abarth 500 (Police Monster Truck)

• BMW S1000R (Police Perf)

• Koenigsegg Agera R (Police Perf)

• Hummer H1 (Police Raid)

• Pagani Huayra (Police Perf)

• Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Full Stock / Perf)

• Kawasaki GPZ 900R Ninja 1984 (FS / Street / Perf / Circuit)

• Kawasaki KX450F (Full Stock / Street / Dirt / Raid)

• Indian Chief Dark Horse (Full Stock / Street / Perf)

• Ducati Hypermotard (Full Stock / Street / Dirt)

• KTM 1190 RC8 R (Full Stock / Perf) + RC8 R Track (Circuit)

• Mercedes AMG GT (Full Stock + Perf) + GT3 (Circuit)

• Maserati MC12 (Full Stock + Perf) + MC12 Corsa (Circuit)

The expansion also raises the maximum player level to 60, refines suspension and overall handling on a few cars, better turning rate and improved suspension settings on all bikes, and fixes lots of bugs.

The Crew

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