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Everything you need to know about Age of Triumph in Destiny

We got to talk to David "DeeJ" Dague.

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Yesterday Bungie showed off what we can expect in the last update to the giant project Destiny during a livestream on Twitch. The update goes by the name Age of Triumph and the idea is to celebrate the three years that have passed since Destiny released by allowing players to return to the activities that have long been outdated. The raids, Vault of Glass, Crotas End, and Kings Fall all come up to the current light level in this update, and old favorite weapons like Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence, and Hunger of Crota can be collected as rewards, along with any specific raid equipment. Hera are the most important pointers from this night's stream:

• The old raids come back.
• All raids gets light level 390.
• New Record Book on the entire 13 pages.
• One raid will be featured per week

We also took the opportunity to call the Bungie community manager, David "DeeJ" Dague, to ask some pertinent questions about the Age of Triumph and its contents:

GR: Is Age of Triumph the last episode of Destiny?
DeeJ: Certainly there is something else coming to Destiny but in terms of your Destiny 1 era adventures, Age of Triumph is the last of three years of action and exploration that we have experienced with this amazing community that has been created with the birth of the franchise. So before we move on to new worlds to tell new stories we wanted to invite our community to reunite in orbit one more time to enjoy a victory lap together and to give the players an opportunity to re-discover some of their finest moments. This will also help new friends experience some of the original content that they may not have experienced together. And with the biggest record book that we have ever delivered we are going to give players a list of accomplishments that they can complete.

GR: Will the light level be raised with Age of Triumph?
DeeJ: We really see Age of Triumph as a celebration of all the things you have done so what we wanna do is provide every player an opportunity to reach 400 light. We are creating a final sweep of challenges and weekly rituals that will enable every player to get there together.

GR: Will there be new weapons and/or armour?
DeeJ: What we are doing is giving the players an opportunity to decorate what may have been their favourite pieces of armor. So if you have Vault of Glass armour you've been holding on to as a trophy we are giving you an opportunity to dive back into the depths of the Vault of Glass to earn those pieces again. We are taking the three previous raids and bringing them up to parity with Wrath of the Machine. That means adding challenge modes were that might have been missing, there will be a challenge mode for Vault of Glass and Crotas End and that means bumping the numbers up. All the raids are viable steps for any Guardian trying to get to max light.

GR: That is something that the community has been asking about for a very long time so that is pretty cool.
DeeJ: Absolutely, this is definitely an answer to fan feedback. The Destiny player experience has always been defined by earning new things and experiencing new adventures and completing new challenges. Before we move on to new worlds we wanted to invite our community to take a bow. Age of Triumph is our curtain call.

GR: Will there be any changes to the Crucible with Age of Triumph?
DeeJ: The crucible will be what the crucible has been. The only changes you will find in the crucible are changes to the combat sandbox. In our third stream we are going to talk about how players will be able to decorate themselves and the changes to armor, weapons and artifacts. What we are calling Age of Triumph is also going to be numbered Destiny update 2.6.0.

GR: Is there something else you wanna tell us?
DeeJ: I am looking forward to people having a chance to experience some of their finest moments in Destiny. Because we are adding challenge modes to the raids there will be surprises in store, even for the most seasoned player. What I'm looking forward to the most from a community perspective is the fact that players who may have made friends in recent years can reunite and experience some of the challenges they may not have experienced together before they move on together.

Age of Triumph will come to Destiny on March 28. Is this a fitting final update, or would you have liked to see something different?


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