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Gotham Knights

Every frame of animation in Gotham Knights "is brand new"

We caught up with Lloyd Colaco and Ann Lemay to chat all about the upcoming action game.

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It was only yesterday that Warner Bros. Games Montreal released a new trailer for Gotham Knights, with this one being another character trailer revolving around Robin this time. The trailer itself showed a good look at Robin's fighting style and how that differs to Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl.


With the game including four unique protagonists with four unique fighting styles, as part of a recent interview with the developer of Gotham Knights, I asked animation director Lloyd Colaco about the challenge of creating four separate characters and how the team approached handling that.

"Absolutely. Absolutely. It was also one of the things that got me most excited about this project. The fact that there is no shared legacy," said Colaco. "Every keyframe, or every frame of animation in this game is brand new, and yes, it's not just four different characters, it's four different fighting styles with different weapons. Combining all of that into combat and how they traverse around the city was a blast, and just shooting with an insane amount of talent and coming up with choreography and moves that make sense to their personality was amazing."

Narrative director Ann Lemay then jumped in to add, "I can't state enough how Lloyd's team did an excellent job really distilling the essence of each character's personality and style within their animations even to the smallest details. Just pay attention and keep your eyes on them. You will always see something interesting that will make you go 'oh, that's very much that character'".

"One more thing to add on that," Colaco concluded. "I didn't have to convince any stunt actor to come and work on this project. That helped. 'Oh wow, you're getting to do all of these different fight styles? Sign us up'. That was cool."

Gotham Knights is set to launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series on October 25, 2022. And you can check out our full interview with Colaco and Lemay below.

Gotham Knights

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