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Angry Birds

Everton fans react to Angry Birds sleeve sponsor

It's been an anger-inducing start to the season.

Everton FC has announced their new shirt sponsor for the coming season, and it's none other than Rovio's Angry Birds who'll be adorning the sleeves of the Liverpool-based club.

It's the first time that Premier League clubs have been able to have sponsorships on their shirt-sleeves, and Everton struck a deal to have the famous fowl-mouthed video game brand as theirs.

Naturally, this being football-related, there's plenty of banter flying around, and you need look no further than the post on Twitter to see some of the hilarious reactions, from both supports and opposition fans alike.

It's not, for our money, the best video game sponsor on a top-flight team's shirt. That honour still goes to Sega and Dreamcast, who sponsored Arsenal back in the year 2000.

Angry Birds

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