Everspace's big new update adds Hardcore Mode

As if it wasn't tough enough.

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Rockfish Games has just released a major new update for Everspace, and on top of this they have also released the official soundtrack and artbook for the game, which both come with the deluxe edition of the game, currently available on Steam with a 15% discount, now costing £25.48.

The update includes Hardcore Mode as well, which is as demanding as hard difficulty, but you're not allowed to improve your starting conditions, so you start out each run with the same pilot perks and no upgraded ship perks. Ouch. Oh, and you can only upgrade ship perks at the end of each sector, and if that wasn't enough, players must also select from a number of handicap modifiers before each sector, making gameplay even tougher.

As well as Hardcore Mode, the game also gets customisable joystick support and you can configure control layouts as you wish, including dead zones and sensitivity. This is pretty surprising, as this stretch goal was not unlocked during the game's original 2015 Kickstarter campaign.

"Everspace is still as fast-paced and twitchy as ever, so we still think that using the mouse and keyboard is the best way to fly. But, some of our fans have been pretty vocal about it, and we heard them loud and clear: they are finally able to use their HOTAS to pilot their space ship on their dangerous journey," said Michael Schade, the CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games.

Other features are also on the way, including motion blur and VR improvements, and for more information on the update be sure to check out the official patch notes. Are you the type to go after Hardcore Mode?


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