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Everspace "unlikely" to get DLC the size of Encounters again

We spoke with Rockfish Games CEO Michael Schade in London.

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Rockfish Games' CEO Michael Schade was on hand in London to show off Everspace on PS4, and while he was there we got the chance to speak with him about the game's PS4 version and Encounters DLC, as well as what lies ahead for the future, including something totally new.

"Of course we have a lot of plans for the franchise in general," he told us. "The thing is, in a roguelike the balancing is super important. If you add more stuff in a meaningful way, then you have to rebalance the whole game, so it's unlikely that we will have a DLC as massive as the Encounters DLC was. We might have new ships that are variants of the current ships, but we're also working on a new title already - it's a bit too early to share what's in there, but if you have an educated guess you can imagine what we're working on."

What would you like to see from the new title?


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