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Everspace streamer paid thousands played like "a f**king moron"

Michael Schade isn't happy with some influencers who get paid to promote games.

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Rockfish Games is known for their game Everspace, and while the company's co-founder Michael Schade was in Croatia for the Reboot Develop conference, he shared his anger at how agencies "assign influencers to promote their clients' games". Reportedly Schade and his team paid up to €5,000 an hour for a professional streamer, and here's what he had to say on the matter.

"The most expensive stream, we paid 5,000 (euros) per hour and we had to book him for two hours. Actually his opening line was 'I have to stop playing Destiny 2 now because I'm on a sponsored stream to play a space game and I don't like space games'. And he played like a complete moron... a f**king moron."

Michael Schade added that "only 3 or 5" of the 20 YouTubers and influencers who were paid to play the game actually delivered good results, and blames the agency for what happened.

Schade subsequently announced while talking to Gamereactor that two US agencies were involved in the influencer booking in question, and that there had been a detailed briefing in advance about what's special in Everspace. They deliberately chose a streamer that "is actually good in shooters," he said. "We also wrote that he should familiarise himself with the game for the time being, as it was the task to play the expansion." Unfortunately, he "played so imprudently that he didn't even get into sector 2 and of course he was too convinced of himself to not try it on 'easy' after several deaths."

What do you think about hired streamers?


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