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Everspace launches into closed alpha on April 29

We got a gameplay demo recently with Rockfish Games.

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German indie outfit Rockfish Games (founded by former Fishlabs devs) have revealed that the closed alpha for their upcoming action roguelike Everspace is launching on April 29 (PC). The closed alpha is available to those who helped crowdfund the game and you can still be a part of the closed alpha if you buy your way into it on the official website (up until April 30).

Later on the game will also come to Xbox One and it was this version of the game that Rockfish Games' CEO and co-founder Michael Schade demoed for us recently at the [email protected] Showcase during GDC (see below):


"We have very intuitive, accessible controls, because we have shooter controls," explains Schade. "So we're not talking about Newton physics, and also the whole presentation of the game, like the space is very colourful, very vibrant, so we're not talking about black and bleak space. It's fantasy space."


Everspace is the most successful video game Kickstarter coming out of Germany is it achieved €420,252 from more than 10,000 backers back in September of 2015. The beta is scheduled for the summer and after that they want to do the "preview program" in August (we suspect this may be both Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One) and full release is planned for end of the year or possibly early next year depending on how things shake up.


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"True to the legacy of the games that it draws so much from, Everspace is challenging and built for replayability."

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