Everspace 2

Everspace 2 is better on PS5 thanks to Xbox Game Pass

The developer Rockfish Games explains why Game Pass benefits everyone, including PlayStation gamers.

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It was recently revealed that Everspace 2 is finally about to get a console release, more than two years after the premiere on Early Access for PC, and an official full release back in April. In a console release trailer, it is revealed that the game launches for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X on August 15.

Everspace 2 will be included with Game Pass starting day one, and when the Rockfish Games CEO Michael Schade recently visited the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, he talked about it, claiming that it benefits everyone as the team got up to a year of extra development time:

"We could have [made Everspace 2 without Xbox Game Pass], but it would have been a smaller game. Some part of the funds — the license fee - is when you launch on PC Game Pass in the Game Preview program, which is something we did. And then you get a significant chunk of the license, and that enabled us to work nine more months on the game...

Combined with the other revenue sources we had, plus the Game Pass deal, [it] enabled us to add nine to twelve months of more production time."

Schade also calls Game Pass "one of the best, if not the best deals in the industry" and says the subscription service didn't hurt the PC sales of Everspace 2. In the end, this has benefitted everyone, regardless of format:

"So, yeah - it's maximum flexibility, extra funding, and you just make a better game. And everybody's happy! Even everybody who's not on Game Pass is getting a better game. So, even the Playstation fans get a better game on PS5 because of the deal with Game Pass."

Everspace 2

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