Everspace 2

Everspace 2 delays its Early Access launch to 2021

Just like Path of Exile's latest expansion, the title was delayed so it wouldn't clash with the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

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Another title to be delayed this week along with Cyberpunk 2077, Far Cry 6, and Rainbow Six Quarantine is sadly Everspace 2. The space shooter has had its launch into Early Access pushed back to January 2021 so that it doesn't clash with Cyberpunk 2077's revised release date. We heard earlier today too that disappointingly, Path of Exile's latest expansion was also delayed for the exact same reasons.

Developer Rockfish stated within a press release: "We know from our community that there is quite an audience overlap between the two titles, so we decided to get out of the way and push back our release to January. We are aware that EVERSPACE 2 fans will be unhappy, but competing with the arguably most anticipated video game in history is just not a good idea."

On the bright side though, Rockfish has decided to offer closed-beta keys to Kickstarter backers who pledged 'Just A Digital Copy, Please' and higher. This access will allow them to play through the first 10 or so hours of the game starting from November 2.

Everspace 2

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