Everreach: Project Eden

Everreach: Project Eden announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Elder Games is bringing us the third-person action-RPG this year, taking us to Eden and the mysteries that lie within.

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The latest title from Elder Games has been announced, and Everreach: Project Eden is set to launch this year. This third-person action-RPG set on the distant planet of Eden will bring a fast-paced story-driven narrative to a futuristic world unlike any other, and will see players fill the shoes of Nora Harwood of Everreach's Security Division.

Harwood is on a mission to oversee the colonisation process of Eden whilst exploring strange mysteries. During your time in this expansive alien world, you can expect to encounter diverse landscapes and long-forgotten civilizations as you travel further into the depths of the planet, and during the eight-hour story we can expect to engage in tactical ground combat, high-speed vehicular warfare, and upgrade our character through a skill tree.

To bring Everreach: Project Eden to life head of Elder Games Ede Tarsoly looked to bring in some assistance from notable names in the industry. The detailed and lush world of Eden has been designed by Mai-Anh Tran, an artist who has worked on Warcraft and Star Trek: Beyond, and we also have Michelle Clough, QA and writer from the Mass Effect trilogy, who has been brought on to create an enthralling story for players. Finally, and previously from the Mass Effect universe, DC Douglas is lending his voice to the project as well.

Everreach: Project Eden is set to launch this September for PC and Xbox One. The title will also be coming to PS4, however, this platform release is slated to be coming later in the year.

Will you be taking a trip to Eden when Everreach launches?

Everreach: Project EdenEverreach: Project EdenEverreach: Project Eden

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