Even Paramount want Tom Holland to play Danny Phantom

It seems like the production giant and the creator are on the same page about the live-action film.

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Recently, we reported on the news that Danny Phantom creator Butch Hartman wanted Tom Holland to play the character in the proposed live-action film that is in development at Paramount. Well, if insider DanielRPK is to be believed, it seems even Paramount are on board with this.

The insider mentions that the production giant is also eyeing up Tom Holland to take the lead of the live-action flick and to bring to life the animated character in a live sense. While many will no doubt support this casting, the main area of criticism does surround the age gap between Holland and Danny Phantom, with the character being 14 and Holland being almost twice as old.

As we're yet to hear any official news in regard to who will actually be leading this film, it's best to take this information with a degree of caution. Still, who would you like to see cast as live-action Danny Phantom?

Even Paramount want Tom Holland to play Danny Phantom

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