Diablo Immortal

Even Domino's Pizza is teasing Diablo Immortal

You know it's all gone wrong when the fast food joints start poking fun.

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Diablo Immortal will not be remembered as one of the more well-received announcements made during Blizzard's illustrious history, certainly given the icy reception from the community which have since expressed that it isn't at all happy with this new mobile game for iOS and Android.

One of the more memorable moments of Diablo Immortal's post-announcement was during a Q&A session during which a Blizzard fan asked its creators if this game for iOS and Android was nothing more than "an out-of-season April Fool's joke". The joke has since gone on to become something of a meme, to the point that the Malaysian branch of Domino's Pizza has decided to use it in a promotional campaign, one which allows customers to obtain in-game items for several games. You can see the campaign poster below:

Diablo Immortal

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