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Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes' open beta has been released

NetEase and CCP Games are letting players into the mobile MMO experience, extending the Eve universe even further.

NetEase Games and CCP Games have just launched the open beta for Eve Echoes, available on Android and iOS devices in Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, South Korea, and New Zealand, so that players can enjoy the Eve MMO gameplay on mobile.

Eve Echoes uses the same mechanics alongside basic tutorials for beginners, as well as an optimised feature set befitting of the platform. More advanced ships and new modules have also landed with the beta, as well as a new weapon system revolving around drones.

There's even a new trading platform called the Interstellar Trading Center (ITC), with Storyline Missions added to Encounters as well. The ship fitting slots are divided into three new types to make them more distinct too, and skill training and levelling up systems have been revised.

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Eve Echoes

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