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Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV's Dharma expansion coming this year

Bringing new content and tweaks to existing elements.

Paradox Interactive has just revealed the latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV this weekend, called Dharma, which will give you access to the "varied nations of India and those colonial powers who want to make their fortune in Asia," placing a bigger emphasis on peacetime interactions this time around.

Governments are also key in this expansion, with players getting to customise them a lot more, including everything from reforms to upgrades. Policies also get a new look, with special bonuses included too, and there's the option to improve provinces attached to trade companies.

In terms of new content, there's a new Cossack government for those who own The Cossacks expansion; new Indian mission trees; new Indian Estates; and a new Mughal culture bonus, as the Mughal Empire "can assimilate and accommodate newly conquered cultures with ease."

The press release provided a suggested retail price of $19.99 USD, which equates to roughly £15, and you can watch the trailer below to get you ready for the release later this year. Are you impressed by what you see?

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