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Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV gets Cossacks on Dec 1

Seventh major expansion hits grand strategy title next month.

The seventh major expansion (there are also smaller cosmetic, music and flavour packs) for Paradox Interactive's highly successful grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV - The Cossacks will launch on December 1.

Here's an brief excerpt from the press release to let us know what's new:

"A new diplomatic system lets you highlight provinces for expansion, pointing out to friend and foe alike where your ambitions lie. Earn the trust of your allies by performing favors for them, and use the promise of enemy territory to entice them to your side.

Other features include:

- The Estates: Allocate lands to clergy, nobles and merchants as you try to balance the powers in your Renaissance state.
- Tell The World What You Want: Designate neighboring provinces as "places of interest", build trust with other nations, and entice allies with the promise of land for their support.
- Tengri: Tengri is now a Syncretic faith, allowing it to tolerate a secondary religion as if it were a national faith.
- Horde Unity and Razing: Nomadic nations now must pay attention the horde unity of their tribes - a unity that can only be maintained by the occasional pillaging
- Improved Culture Change: You can now restore a previous culture to a converted province, or convert a province you hold to a culture that is not your own.
- Native Policies: Set your policy for colonial encounters with natives. Are you focused on quick subjugation, peaceful growth or trading advantages?
- Improved Espionage: New spy actions allow you to study the technology of more advanced countries and prod your rivals' subjects towards independence."

It should also be noted that as is tradition the expansion will be accompanied by a free update that all players get.

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